Welcome to First Choice Insurance Intermediaries

First Choice Insurance Intermediaries has been helping consumers, commercial businesses and producers understand the complex insurance marketplace, and find the correct coverage option at an affordable price since 2000.

We represent many of the leading “A” rated insurance companies in the world.

Our approach is to understand our insured’s risk exposures and then identify coverages, policy limits, loss control and claims expertise required.  We then find the insurance policy or program with the best price that meets those needs.  

Our client and Producer satisfaction is the key to our success and building long-term relationships.  We provide thoughtful solutions and knowledgeable customer service over the long term…matching needs with the right market solutions.

Many consider price more important than cost when purchasing insurance, but paying the lowest price can often end up costing you more in the long run. 

We believe it’s best to evaluate your exposures to losses, then consider the best coverage, limits and services as a whole to protect your assets.  Looking at price first and quality of terms and conditions last can cost you real dollars when an insurance policy has insufficient limits or coverage and part or all of a claim is denied.  What is the true cost of insurance when this happens?

At First Choice, our approach is to identify coverage, limits and claims expertise needed by our clients, and then find the insurance policy or program with the best price that meets those needs.  This puts our producers and clients in the best position to make informed decisions on their insurance purchases before a loss occurs.  First Choice believes this is the key to effective asset protection and expense control.