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ACORD Forms and Insurance Applications

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Commercial umbrella liability insurance is an important part of a commercial insurance program. The Umbrella Policy provides limits that are over the insured's primary liability coverage such as their general liability, automobile liability, and employer's liability policies.

Umbrellas also may provide protection to insureds from exclusions and gaps that exist in their primary liability insurance. A typical commercial umbrella liability policy may offer features such as worldwide coverage, personal injury coverage, blanket contractual liability protection (for both written and oral agreements), care, custody, and control coverage, non-owned aircraft liability, watercraft liability, advertisers liability, liquor law liability, XCU liability and an extension of protection to additional insured.

Classes Umbrella Coverage is available for most GL Classes
What is Required / Forms
  • Acord Form 131 Umbrella / Excess Liability
  • Also company supplemental form may be required based on class of business.
  • Current Valued Loss Runs with a minimum of 3 years (5 years preferred)

If Available:

  • Copy of current policy or explanation of the type of coverage currently provided.
  • Expiring premium or target premium.
Direction for Submissions

New Submission Requirements:

  • Step 1: Complete & Print the ACORD form & company applications.

  • Step 2:  Fax the completed signed ACORD form to 866-884-4796 or scan & email to
Insurance Company Rating All Carriers are “A” Rated
Territory All States

Third Party Liability coverage

Deductibles Underlying Primary Third Party Liability Coverage
Marketing Material Ask your Account Manager
Premium Financing Yes
ACORD Forms and Insurance Applications

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