Frequently Asked Questions

How is First Choice different from other providers?

First Choice is a wholesaler – and we’re proud to offer insurtech AT NO COST to our appointed agents. Hiscox and Appulate are the latest technology platforms available in the insurance industry, which streamline the previously time-consuming submission, quoting and binding process, achieving efficiencies in any size commercial insurance agency.

Appulate and Hiscox Small Business Portals allow appointed agents fast and easy access to quoting, issuing and binding 24/7 select classes/180+ professions for the following lines of business:

  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Business Owners’ Policies
  • Workers Compensation

In addition to the speed and accuracy these portals offer, the other benefit is automatic renewals, which means little to no additional work for our agents.

For those risks not available in Appulate or Hiscox, our licensed Customer Service Representatives also have access to a variety of insurance company portals that allow us to provide the best possible quotes to our agents in a timely manner.

How Do I get Appointed with First Choice?

What is the Hiscox Small Business Program and how do I sign up?

Our appointed agents use the Hiscox Small Business Portal to quickly obtain Professional Liability (E&O), General Liability and BOP quotes for your customers (BOP for all states except FL and SC), underwritten by “A” Rated Hiscox Insurance Company. Features include:

* Instant bind - most quotes don't need underwriter review
* Automatic renewals
* Policy documents emailed to you within minutes
* All servicing and policy support done for you

Our agents love this easy to use program, so Get Appointed Now.

What is Appulate?

Appulate is our small business portal that streamlines submissions, quoting and binding for Workers Compensation and Commercial General Liability. Upload directly from any ACORD PDF, management system or enter directly into Appulate, and expect a quote within 24hours.

Don't have ACORD forms? Access ACORD Forms directly in the Appulate Portal. No more faxing, emailing and waiting. This saves time, improves your productivity and allows our highly experienced team to ensure your risk is placed with the best possible carrier. Commissions are paid through First Choice Insurance Intermediaries Inc.

Producer Codes are assigned in Appointment confirmation email to you. For more information, please see our 30 minute Demo which walks you through the entire process including Q&A’s.

What is the Westchester Small Business Program?

Our Westchester Small Business Program offers Management Liability, Professional Liability, Environmental Liability for Consultants and Contractors, Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank Liability, Vacant Land and Buildings, Excess and Umbrella – see the full list of products at Westchester Overview Guide for more detail. This program follows the standard process of submitting ACORD forms and/or company applications to, which are available on our website

Do you have a market for ______ type of risk?

Please refer to the Hiscox Appetite Guide (for PL, CGL and BOP) and the Westchester Overview Sheet as your first step.

We often have multiple markets for any given risk, so submit your question to or go to our website fill out the applicable ACORD form and submit it.

Please be advised we can only obtain mid-term quotes when the insured is being cancelled or non-renewed!

I have an opportunity to work on a large commercial account but I’ve never done that type of risk before. What should I do?

Send a brief description or ACORD applications to along with your availability to discuss. Our FCII partners each have 30+ years of P&C and personal lines experience. We’ll set up a call and work with you to get it done. If it is over $250,000 in annual premium, we’ll try to visit with you and/or your insured to get the account written.

How do I handle start-ups when getting a quote?

Since start-ups have no insurance track record, you need background information on the insured, illustrating previous success in a business environment. Having a proven track record goes a long way toward helping an underwriter evaluate your risk.

What is the best way to contact you?