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Stock Throughput and Advising Your Clients

There is an easy way for clients to avoid buying ocean marine policies - they can buy on delivered terms and sell ex warehouse. However, the easy option is rarely the best option.

The attached helps you advise your clients on the benefits of taking responsibility for their risks , buying goods direct from the suppliers warehouse, and selling goods on a delivered basis. By taking control, clients are not only adding value to their business, but to their customers' business. Risks assumed are insurable, and your clients can charge for this service, adding value.

Stock Throughput is an insurance solution that provides your client with a single comprehensive insurance policy that minimizes gaps and risk exposures for the entire process -- from raw materials to final production with a single policy on a worldwide basis.

Food and produce shipments are often sensitive to temperature fluctuations - click here for information on clauses specific to the shipment of temperature controlled goods , both food stuffs and pharmaceuticals.

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Introduction to Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) - Those involved with international trade need to have an understanding of their responsibilities under the contract of sale or purchase, and insurance agents need to be aware of our clients responsibilities - this Incoterm Summary outlines what you need to know if you are not involved with shipping goods on a daily basis.

Today many manufacturers, importers/exporters and distributors have several different policies covering their stock inventory and transit exposures. These policies range from ocean marine to a stock and inventory coverage, or a third party warehouse to a separate policy for inland marine distribution (Motor Truck Cargo). These are often managed by different insurers, which lead to unintended gaps or overlaps.

Our solution is a single policy covering all of these exposures. Our underwriter will assist in structuring a Stock Throughput Policy tailor-made under a single policy with the same insurance company to deliver a comprehensive program for your insured.

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We look forward to assisting you and your clients with their ocean marine and stock throughput requirements.

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